The San Diego Youth Homelessness Consortium (SDYHC) is a collaborative entity designed to increase the effectiveness of the service delivery system in San Diego County for youth experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. We accomplish this through the sharing or resources, coordination of efforts and advocacy around the following efforts:


Youth homelessness will decrease in San Diego County, and any housing instability faced by young people will be brief and non-recurring thorough our collective service efforts.


The mission of the SDYHC is a group of providers, young people, and stakeholders who are committed to preventing and ending youth homelessness in San Diego County by creating a multi-disciplinary, community-wide system to serve youth age 24 and under.


The values of the SDYHC include integrity, respect, innovation, inclusion, and collaboration.


The SDYHC renews its priorities annually in January of each year. The 2020 priorities include the following items:

  1. Implement: Continue to develop the capacity and infrastructure of the SDYHC to meet the mission and vision of the consortium
    1. The steering committee currently includes representation of youth with lived experience, all county regions, and special populations. Expand the steering committee to include juvenile justice representation and unaffiliated youth representation
    2. Expand the general membership to the SDYHC to include 40 members by the end of 2020, with a special focus on unrepresented sectors such as juvenile justice, immigrant and refugees, legal services, and higher education.
    3. Maintain the SDYHC website with meaningful information that is useful for the community
  2. Advocate & Influence: Influence and inform decisions to increase housing options, resources, and support services that address critical needs for youth experiencing housing instability in San Diego County
    1. Provide feedback on the development of the youth coordinated entry system
    2. Provide feedback on the direction of funding awarded to the San Diego region (HEAP, YHDP, HHAPP)
    3. Work collaboratively when applying for funding to maximize the opportunity for housing options and resources for youth experiencing housing instability
    4. Provide leadership and oversight of youth homelessness events such as the RHY Walk & Rally and the youth-focused Point in Time Count
  3. Capacity Building: Utilize evidence-based practices and other data-informed practices to increase the knowledge-base of both youth and adult providers to include increased cultural competency
    1. Include helpful resources and data on the website
    2. Provide cultural competency training to both adult and youth providers
    3. Provide youth-specific training to adult providers